Do your understand your child’s Fight, Flight, or Freeze instincts?

Infant Emotions

Up to a certain age children have 4 basic instincts: Fight, Flight, Freeze, and Fine. When they are fine, you are fine. When they are in any of the other 3 modes, you need to react properly to help them become fine again.

Before they can talk, you have to learn to read your baby’s expressions: Looking away means he is shifting to Flight mode and wants to avoid something; clenching his jaw or crying louder when you try to comfort him probably means he is in Fight mode and angry about something; lack of response or apathy might mean he is in Freeze mode and afraid. With a little time and patience, you will learn what he is saying before he can speak a word.

By their first birthday, most children develop more emotions, and more intricate emotional expressions, but these four instinctual responses are still common to in adults.

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