Frequently Asked Questions

How is this book different than other Parenting books?

It takes an entirely different approach. First of all, it looks at raising and educating children in all 4 dimensions. We are not aware of any other book that does that.

Second, it provides the latest in research in child developmental psychology from many different schools of thought, explained clearly and simply so you know how to use it.

Third, it’s available in chapters, so you can save money by just buying the section that is appropriate to your child.

Finally, it provides simple, fun activities for each dimension in each age group that you can use with your child, so you can teach him or her by just “playing.”

Is this Book available in other Languages besides English?

Not at this time. If it becomes popular enough, we may get it translated.

Do you Ship to countries outside the US?

We can, but it can get pretty expensive and take some time. We recommend you buy the E-Book to save money and get faster access.

What is the 2 Dimensional World?

It is the world of screens: TV screens, computer screens, tablet screens, and phone screens. Screens have only 2 dimensions: Length and width, but no depth.

The Real World has 4 dimensions: Length, width, depth, and duration. As people spend more and more time looking at screens, we seem to be living in a 2 Dimensional World and missing out on Real Life in the 4 Dimensional World.

Should I buy the Whole Book or just One Chapter?

That depends on your situation. If you are not sure this book is right for you, order just the chapter that applies to the age of your child. After all, you are only risking 99 cents. If you really like it (and we’re sure you will), then you can order the whole book.

If you have more than one child in different age groups, you would do better to buy the whole book. You get a lot more for your money.

If you are comfortable with E-Books and can store it somewhere where you can get easy access in the future as your children grow, then save some money and buy the E-Book.

If you like to be able to pull a reference guide off the shelf whenever you need it, then order the Paperback Book.

If I order the Printed Book, how long will it take to arrive?

Count on at least two weeks between receiving the order, packing, and shipping to a US location. If it arrives sooner, you will be pleasantly surprised.

What is a 4 Dimensional Child?

There are 4 dimensions of human potential: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.

  1. We have bodies that need proper nutrition and exercise to run at peak efficiency.
  2. We have minds that need to continue learning to stay sharp.
  3. We have hearts that need human contact to be happy.
  4. We have spirits that search for meaning to be at peace.

A 4 Dimensional Child is one who is growing in all 4 dimensions, starting in the womb, to become a well-balanced adult.

How Can I Raise a 4 Dimensional Child in a 2 Dimensional World?


  1. understanding your child’s capabilities at each age, even before she is born,
  2. once she is born, engaging her in specific activities designed to develop the appropriate skills in each dimension, and
  3. spending more time in the real world and less time in the 2 dimensional screen world.

Raising 4 Dimensional Children in a 2 Dimensional World is a book that provides a simple understanding of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual developments of children at each age, based on research in education and developmental psychology. It also provides fun activities you can play with your baby to help him/her develop the necessary skills to move up to the next level.

Where can I learn more?

Go to our Facebook page for 4D Moms at to meet other parents interested in raising their children in all 4 dimensions. It’s a great resource to ask questions to other parents who may be facing the same challenges that you are, and get answers from parents who have overcome those challenges in the past.

Payment & Shipping

What forms of Payment do you accept?

We currently only accept Stripe, but Stripe will accept major credit cards without requiring you to have a Stripe account.

How Much is Shipping for the Paperback book?

Shipping to the US is free. Shipping to Canada is $15.00 and other international shipping is $30.00.

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