How hard is it to make a happy blended family?

blended family

No family is easy, and a blended family is just a little tougher – but it can be done!

You just have to remember that the two adults have been developing a relationship by investing time with each other. You can’t expect the children to develop a similar relationship without investing a similar amount of time together, especially before you make life-changing announcements.

When you begin dating, keep it away from the kids. Don’t bring a parade of boyfriends or girlfriends into your child’s life. Only introduce a potential new partner after you have had time to get to know each other and believe it might work. Don’t expect instant love from the kids. Take time to earn each other’s respect and affection.

If you decide to try a blended family, be patient. Love is not all you need (but it sure helps). It can take up to seven years to iron things out. Respect past loyalties and never say anything about an ex that you might later regret. There will be conflicting expectations, shifting loyalties, and some intense emotions. It won’t be easy, but with work, it can be worthwhile.

You can get more details and advice on handling divorce and blended families in relation to raising your children by clicking here to see your options.

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