How can you develop your child’s 5 levels of Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence

Emotional education involves growing through the 5 Levels of Emotional Intelligence

  1. knowing your emotions,
  2. managing your emotions,
  3. motivating yourself,
  4. recognizing emotions in others, and
  5. handling relationships.

Continue to talk about feelings, naming various emotions. When your child knows the words, he will know how he feels, and you will get the added advantage of passing the feelings through his thinking brain instead of letting those feelings pass directly into his body, which is the first step to get your child to manage his emotions rationally.

Discuss the difference between good feelings and bad feelings and emphasize that it is better to talk about bad feelings than act on them.

Whenever any problems arise, try not to focus on the problem, but rather on the positive solutions to create a positive attitude. Also remember that there is a big difference between a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old, so don’t expect miraculous results too early.

Practice the activities designed to help him recognize emotions in others: Continue play acting, practicing different facial expressions and body language expressions of emotions that he can recognize in others and himself.

This knowledge will help him manage his relationships with friends and family, and may eventually translate to qualities of leadership.

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