You’re Pregnant: How Can You Have a Happy Baby?

happy baby

To have a happy baby, you must understand that while the baby is still in your womb, it is learning and programming it’s brain. It is feels the hormones flowing through your body, literally surrounded by your feelings and learning your way of reacting to the world. Granted the baby cannot see what you see, but the baby can hear most of what you hear and feel what you feel. The baby is a sponge, learning as much as it can as fast as it can. The baby’s brain is literally building itself according to the input from its mother. Through habit, the baby sets its emotional thermostat according to the mother’s emotional thermostat. If peaceful and happy are the normal range for the mother, the baby will be born with peaceful and happy programming. If fearful or depressed are the normal emotions of the mother, the baby will be pre-programmed to be fearful or depressed. Too much cortisol (the stress hormone) from the mother has been shown to have negative effects on mental and motor development.

Therefore, do what you can to be as happy as you can. Don’t just wait to react to whatever happens in your life: Plan your day to include happy activities, positive relationships, and quiet “me time.” When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Be proactive instead of reactive to create happy times.

Take time to talk to your baby, read out loud, massage it, sing some favorite lullabies, rock or gently dance to soothing music while it is still in your womb. The time you invest now in soothing emotions can pay off greatly after your baby is born. When she cries, you can help her become a happy baby by “returning” to these happy and secure times with the same song, sounds, and rhythms.

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