Toddlers Chapter 4

Toddlers Chapter 4

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Yes, I want to know the secrets of parenting toddlers before the price goes up!

Starting today, I want to become the best parent I can be during the all-important toddler years so I can give my child the best advantages for a healthy, happy life.

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The Parenting Toddlers Chapter focuses on parenting 1-year-olds and 2-year-olds, including the challenging “Terrible Twos,” showing you 70 age-specific activities to help your baby develop his/her full potential.

It answers important questions like:

  • How should you change your child’s diet after the first and after the second years?
  • Why does your baby want to play with food more than eat it?
  • How can you get your toddler to try and like more foods?
  • How much of what you say can your baby understand?
  • Why can’t your child stop when you tell her to?
  • Why is your 2-year-old so upset all the time?
  • What kind of discipline is appropriate for children at this age?
  • When and how should you start potty training?
  • Is it OK for a toddler to have imaginary friends?

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