Learn how to raise super kids.

super kids

All children have the potential to be amazing super kids. Anders Ericsson, a psychologist from Florida State University who has spent over twenty years studying geniuses, prodigies, and other outstanding performers in sports, the arts, and entertainment, is convinced there are no special inherited qualities that distinguish people with expert abilities.

In one of his studies, he found that “good” performers put in an average of 9 hours of practice a week, while “superior” performers put in an average of 24 hours of practice a week, which translated to about 10,000 hours of practice before the age of 20. He formed the “10 Year rule” which states that the highest levels of performance and achievement appear to require at least 10 years of intense prior preparation, and he believes that anyone who puts in the necessary time can achieve prodigy-level performance.1

So, if or when your child finds her passion, she can become a world-class performer or expert as long as she maintains continued focus and dedication to practice.

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