How can you help your child earn better grades?

better grades

Two great resources for helping your child “learn how to learn” to earn better grades are and Jim Kwik offers some great advice like being a FAST learner:

Focus – Focus on one thing at a time.

Active – Be Active: Learn by doing. Think it, feel it, do it.

State – You learn best in an emotional state, one where you are curious.

Teach – Teach it back to someone: Have your child teach you the lesson.

This advice also illustrates the mnemonic device of using a single word whose letters remind you of the key words you are trying to remember. A similar version of this device is to construct a sentence where the words begin with the letters in question. For example, the sentence, “Every Good Boy Deserves Favor” is often used to teach the notes on the musical scale: EGBDF.

Another mnemonic device you might teach your child to help memorize lists of words is to create a picture of each word in a location like a room in your house or a place on your body. It’s fairly easy to remember 10 or more items in a list, in order, if you picture each item on a certain part of your body from top to bottom like your hair, eyes, ears, mouth, etc.

Emphasize to your child that cramming is not an effective way to learn. You learn better and earn better grades when you learn often, so even if she doesn’t have a specific homework assignment, she should study by reading from her books or practicing her math problems, reviewing them, and then reviewing them again for a short time each school night (no longer than 25 minutes without a break). Your child will remember her lessons better and longer.

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    • Invaluable insights for teaching. I am based in South Africa where this information can be very critical in empowering parents and teachers

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