When does care for your child begin?

child care begin

Child care begins whenever your actions affect the health and well-being of your child.

In most cases, the attitudes you developed in your own childhood will affect your children in the way you treat them, so the physical, mental, emotional, and moral decisions you made long before you began the baby-making act can affect your child. I am not arguing directly for or against the doctrine of karma, but merely pointing out the logic of the long-term effects that the decisions you make will have on your children. Although it may not seem fair from a moral point of view that the sins of the father should be visited upon the son, if a father is in prison during the developmental stages of his son’s life, it has an inescapable effect. Decisions you make throughout your life will affect your children on many levels.

Especially for women, who host and actually share their body with their baby for nine months, the effects of the physical dimension are easy to see. The body they have built over the months and years before conception will provide the building blocks for the new baby. Traces of drugs, alcohol, or nicotine that remain in the body since before the time of conception still affect the woman’s body after conception, and therefore the development of the child. Her overall level of fitness and health will affect the growth of the baby, as will her diet, and the release of hormones that flow through not only her body, but the developing body of the baby at the same time.

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