Did my child inherit my flaws?

inherit flaws

Children can inherit flaws and well as talents, but heredity isn’t destiny. Genetics are the hardware; upbringing is the software. You provide both.

Many experiments have verified the “Pygmalion affect” which, based on the book, play, and movie, states that people live up to your expectations. If you expect your child is strong, smart, and caring, even if you never express it in words, your child will live up to your expectations. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true: If you expect your child to be weak, dumb, and selfish, he will live down to your expectations (called the Gollum effect). Regardless of your family history or your own successes or failures, your child is not you. He was born with certain genetic abilities, but if you have understood anything in this book so far, you must realize that his experiences can activate those abilities or not. Your child may inherit flaws, but they don’t have to develop.

What you believe about your child and the love and education you provide will do more to determine his future than his genetics. He can become strong or weak, smart or dumb, wealthy or poor, kind or cruel, and a saint or a sinner based on the foundation you provide, so do your best!

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